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Through treatments with BOTOX, Albany, GA med spa, Radiance Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting gives patients a youthful appearance by reducing dynamic wrinkles. Call today to schedule an appointment for treatment.

Time marches on and unfortunately it is marching across your face. If you are known for your bright smile and expressive face, you can be sure that as you age you will start to see those dynamic wrinkles every time you light up. With BOTOX Cosmetic, Radiance Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting med spa can help you reclaim the face of your youth.

Call today to find out what BOTOX Cosmetic can do for you and turn back the hands of time!

As you smile, frown, cry or show any kind of expression, the muscles of your face get a work-out. Over time, they become lax and the wrinkles of the brow, around the eyes, mouth and nose become pronounced. Around the eyes, we may like to call them smile lines but they are also called crow's feet. So, if you have gone through life enjoying it and experiencing it, but you hate the dynamic wrinkles that show up anytime you express yourself, BOTOX Cosmetic can eliminate them.

BOTOX is a neurotoxin derived from a purified form of the botulinum toxin. It inhibits the contraction of the muscle at the injection site so when you smile or frown, those dynamic wrinkles won't appear. In the hands of experts like the medical staff at Radiance Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting, the use of BOTOX is completely safe and an effective way to reclaim a more youthful face. With maintenance treatments every 4-6 months, you never have to show your laugh lines again!

As a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, Society for Academic Emergency Medicine and a respected member of the Chamber of Commerce, we have all of the required training using this product and all of the other products and equipment we use for anti-aging.

Come in on your lunch hour and go back to work already looking a little younger. In the coming weeks, you will see your dynamic wrinkles gradually dissipate.

When it comes to BOTOX, Albany, GA residents trust the experienced staff at Radiance Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting for wrinkle reduction. Call today for an evaluation and treatment!