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Body Sculpting


To get rid of stubborn fat through laser lipo, Albany GA med spa, Radiance Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting offers expert skill in safely contouring the body. Call today to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Do you have stubborn fatty areas that just aren't responding to diet and exercise? Does the idea of liposuction or cosmetic surgery make you nervous? At Radiance Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting, we have the perfect solution for you - laser lipo.

Call today for a consultation!

Because of the minimally invasive nature of laser lipo, there is no downtime and no pre-procedure prep work. Here's how the procedure works for Lipotherme:

Using very tiny incisions, a micro cannula is inserted into the targeted fatty area. Instead of using suction or manual manipulation, a laser is emitted from the tip of the cannula and it liquefies the fat. The fat then drains from the tiny incision sites and is also eliminated by the body's natural processes.

Our Vaser Lipo procedure uses a similar process except that an ultrasonic energy is emitted to melt the fat and the micro-cannula easily suctions out the fat. Tiny incisions are still used so the recovery is minimal and you should be back at work the next day.

If you are interested in reducing the appearance of fat and cellulite without any incisions, we also offer SmoothShapes. Laser heat, massage and suction are applied to the fatty areas and the fat underneath is broken up and re-distributed for a smoother appearance.

As a member of the Elite 25 for Laser Lipo, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and many other medical associations, you can trust that our med spa team is highly trained in using the different methods of fat reduction here at Radiance.

It takes a creative eye to sculpt and shape the body. Through training, skill and advanced technology, Radiance Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting medical spa offers you a chance to love your body again. You can apply these methods to the abdomen, legs, breasts, buttocks, neck and face - pretty much anywhere you have unsightly fat deposits.

When comparing options in laser lipo, Albany GA residents trust the skilled hands of the med spa staff at Radiance Anti-Aging and Body Sculpting. Call today for a consultation!