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Physcian Directed Weight Loss


Dieting, the very sound of the word inspires dread in most. You want to lose weight, but the constant hunger pangs, the cravings and the habit of eating regularly all make the odds of sticking with your diet seem terribly low. Radiance Anti-Aging & Body Sculpting uses a research based, physician monitored alternative to the traditional weight loss programs. Radiance will provide you with regular body fat analysis, nutritional counseling, nutritional supplements, and a research based weight loss program that his highly effective. Our staff uses a personalized approach for each person, which may include B-complex injections, appetite suppression, popular low calorie diets, appetite management, and hormone optimization.

The medical staff at Radiance Anti-Aging and body sculpting will supervise your weight loss program and provide individualized support depending on your needs. On your first visit, Dr. Williams will spend the time to develop a plan that is both effective and reasonable, and patients choosing to become a part of our program can expect to lose their weight safely and consistently.